HomeGenie: Your Compassionate Extension in India

No one can pay off the Parents love and care for efforts they did to raise us and sent us abroad to fulfill our dreams. While you are abroad, most of your parents may find it challenging to take on regular activities. It is quite possible that they find it challenging to assist these tasks:

• Scheduling Doctor’s Visits and Recommendation
• Travel and Vacations
• Monthly Grocery
• Parents Visiting Acquaintances
• A Small House-Check for Repairs or Plumbing work

HomeGenie caters to constant companionship and emotional wellbeing of seniors, and assist NRI’s parents in ensuring convenience and comfort. Our services bouquet ranges from arranging doctor’s appointment or sourcing monthly grocery needs, and urgent travel/vacation requirements.

Our value-added services include:

• Event Management and Get Together
• Hotel Stays and Reservations
• Medical Insurance
• Negotiate Best Prices on Car Transport