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    Loose Belly Fat Using Different Equipment fitness

    Loose Belly Fat Using Different Equipment


    Due to the monotonous schedule, it has become challenging for people to get time for exercise. And bad eating habits lead to unwanted weight and belly fat, which makes people conscious of their bodies. Hence, people get worried and want to know “how to lose belly fat with equipment at home.”

    Reducing belly fat is a challenging task and demands regular exercise and diet. Various people join the gym, and many try to work out at home. But even at home, one needs proper exercise equipment to lose weight at houses.

    This article will discuss how to lose belly fat at home using different equipment.

    5 Best Exercise Equipment to Lose Weight At Home

    If you are looking for an effective way to lose weight, you may consider using one of the many exercise equipment available on the market. Various machines are available, but some of the best machines for losing weight are those that use Resistance Training.

    One can do resistance training and lose belly fat with these equipments without going to the gym and see effective results.

    PVC Gym Ball

    One can use various exercises at home using this equipment. PVC Gym ball helps reduce belly fat and strengthen your core (pelvis, abdominal muscles, and back). You can go ball marching, squats, or sit-ups at home.

    Home Genie has the best product for you if you want to buy a gym ball. Our ball has a ribbed surface and a foot pump that saves you time. It is durable and strong and can carry heavy weight without popping.

    Resistance Band

    Resistance Bands are another best equipment for exercise at home and reducing your fat. One can use these bands to strengthen muscle mass and perform cross-fits, yoga, or self-training. Resistance Bands target the fat on your hips, abdomen, and thighs

    One can do sit-ups using these exercise bands and lose belly fat with this equipment by exercising regularly. Home Genie has the best resistance bands that help you tone your body. One can easily use these exercise bands with slip-free grip and cushioned handles.

    Tummy Trimmer

    Tummy trimmer shows effective results in cutting or reducing belly fat when used regularly. One can perform various exercises using this home exercise equipment and tone their body. It is also beneficial for leg exercise, enhancing hand grip, and performing leg exercises.

    Home Genie’s tummy trimmer is lightweight and portable. Using this equipment, you can perform arm, waist, leg, and belly exercises. It burns extra calories and fat and tones your body.

    Push-up Board

    Push-up board is beneficial for everyone, whether they are a newbie or advanced trainees. It provides support and increases your strength while performing push-ups. It effectively strengthens your upper body, arms, chest, and shoulders.

    Home Genie has the best equipment for home exercises to help reduce fat and maintain muscle mass. Our push-up board comes with cushioned and non-slip handles. It is portable and makes your exercise safe at home


    Exercising at home using equipments can help you lose belly fat more quickly than working out on a treadmill or stationary bike. Not only will you burn more calories during the workout, but the resistance provided by the machine will also help tone and sculpt your abdominal muscles. Plus, it's less taxing on your joints and muscles because you’re not using your body weight to move the machine.

    Hence, Home Genie brings the best equipment to exercise at home and helps shape your body. Our products are built with high-quality materials and are portable. They will help you tone your muscles and strengthen your core. Home Gym Equipment is the best option for losing belly fat and workout at home anytime you want

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