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    Silicon Heel Cups for Heel Ankle Pain, Shoe Support Pad for Men and Women



    About this item

    • It provides extreme cushioning and solves painful heels.
    • It also reduces and manages bone and heels spurs.
    • These heel cups are non-toxic, odor-free, and hypoallergenic.
    • It has two levels of silicones – soft and firm.
    • It is much beneficial for any prolonged standing or walking activity.


    This dual-layer structure of heel cups provides fantastic comfort and support to your feet throughout the day. The double-density soft gel silicone provides even pressure distribution, relieving heel pain and ankle discomfort, knee pain, and back pain. These heel cups are easily washable and transferable between footwear. One can apply these heel cups to shoes before going outside for sporting activities, prolonged standing, or walking. It can be worn in most styles, including dress shoes, sports shoes, and boots.

    Buy Relief Silicon Heel Pad Online

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