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    Do you enjoy encasing a warm mug in your hands and savoring the heat radiating into your fingers like an embrace? Well then, Home Genie has some lovely Mugs for you!

    Home Genie Letter Name Initial Alphabet Printed Ceramic Coffee Mugs are available in most alphabets with a floral and geometric design. They can be a great gift for your loved ones as well.

    Are you obsessed with Zodiac signs? Then check out Home Genie Zodiac Printed Ceramic Coffee Mug. These pastel-colored cups are printed with super-cute graphics.

    Are couple’s mugs your jam? Home Genie Quote Printed Ceramic Coffee Mugs were made for you. With adorable animals, chibi characters, etc., and quotes like “My Wife, My Life,” “Sending Love,” and so on, these mugs are made for you and your significant other.