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    White Tea Light Candles Set

    Scented Candles in India


    About this item

    • This box contains 100 pieces of wax Tealight candles
    • These Tealight candles have three to four hours burn ability
    • These candles don’t leave wax stains on the furniture


    Piece of 100 wax tea light candles all unscented, having burn ability up to three to four hours. These candles are perfect for decoration during Diwali, weddings, events, etc. With no wax stains, you can place these tea light candles anywhere without the tension of cleaning the wax residue on the furniture.

    Usage instructions 闁 keep away children's pets and things that can catch fire.

    Buy Tea Light Candle Online In India

    Home Genie's tea light candles are encased in a small cup to fit the candle completely. These are typically small, circular in shape, and affordable. Because tea lights have been used to warm teapots in the early days, the name. Our services at Home Genie have become easy to buy tea light candles online. You can also browse our scented candles at Home Genie.

    Tea light candles are small candles used for embellishing the surroundings and scattering the vibes of occasion. Home Genie Tea light candles can light from 3 to 5 hours. tea lights are lit in small cases, which keeps the melted wax in place. These tea light candles have an amazing heat-producing capacity and create a lovely ambiance. Home Genie has more options in lighting study lamps, table lamps, and tripod table lamps.

    Why choose Home Genie Tea Light Candles?

    Buy tea light candles online in India from Home Genie. Candles like tea lights give fairy-tale vibes. You can also place a lit tea light in an essential oil diffuser. If you wan t to add some visual interest to a picture, Another way using tea light candles is to arrange tea lights in a patterned ceramic jar with holes to add picture perfect clicks. When displayed in transparent holders, they're a sight to see. You can either let them float in water to create an illusion of stars in the sky or put them around strategically to draw attention to a focal point. You may utilize elegant transparent tea light holders for a romantic ambiance to the atmosphere by enhancing the decors aesthetic. Check out Home Genie for the tea light candle price. Get the best tea light candles online in India within your budget.

    Home Genie Tea light candles burn for longer periods, making them perfect for any occasions and events. These lights always look stunning, flickering in a tea light holder, making the vibes of festives/ occasions. We provide the 9 hours of burning tea light candles at Home Genie that comes in a pack of 100 tea light candles.

    These high-quality tea light candles will burn for 9 hours without killing the excitement of parties. At Home Genie, you will also find flameless tea light candles that you can directly buy or hire. These opaque, deep, narrow objects hide the candle unit's body. Everyone prefers these small and beautiful tea-light candles.

    These Home Genie Tea Light Candles are a great way to create a cozy vibe or a relaxing ambiance in your room or home. Check out Home Genie unscented tea light candles to create a warm, cozy effect all-around your home. Lighting up the tea light candle is the perfect way to make dinner for two more romantics. You can even get it in a set of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300, so you can place them in different corners to bring a warm glow throughout the room. Use tea light candle holders to make them shine brighter!閼 Candles can instantly change a room's mood, playing with light and shadow. Our tea lights instantly make a room feel more comfortable, cozier, and warmer. Check out our unscented tealight candles that can help you relax and unwind after a long day or bring romance to your intimate dinner. Tea lights candles from our collection are especially fit for special occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Birthday, Weddings, Anniversaries, and any other occasion. Our unscented candles create a glow just as warm and comfy. Check out our scented candles, place a scented candle jar with a few of our tea lights around the room and let its warm glow lull you into a relaxed state of mind. Or get our potpourri, mix it with tea light candles, and spread a warm glow and fragrance throughout your home. It's sure to brighten up the atmosphere in your home.

    These Tealight Candles are made of the finest quality of wax, giving you the best experience of smokeless burn. These candles can burn without polluting your room's atmosphere with an approximate burn time of two to three hours. So, leave the worries of the smoke-filled atmosphere by choosing this premium wax Tealight candle. Decorate these Tealight Candles on a burn-resistant surface and enjoy the soothing ambiance