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Make HomeGenie your Financial Advisory in India

We have seen across the board, the difficulties faced by NRI’s on different aspects concerning their investments in India:

  • Capital Gains law
  • Tax filing / Notice
  • Remittances / Repatriation Rules

Due to frequent changes in laws concerning the overall structure of investments, repatriation or capital gains, it’s mandatory that all NRI’s are updated with the latest revisions. Any oversight or lapse may attract penalties even if there is a minor omission or gap. Dual Income rules also need to be adhered to strictly as per the Indian Taxation Laws.

HomeGenie has a panel of Chartered Accountants who advise and ensure that all financial matters are taken care of well in time.

Be it a Tax notice, or tax filing or a query on Capital gains, HomeGenie provides complete assistance to NRIs under Indian domestic tax laws and Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs).

Our Value-added Services Include:

  • Foreign Exchange Advices
  • International transaction Guide
  • Advance Ruling
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
We offer Advice that Matters!

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