Make HomeGenie as your Liasoning Advisor in India!

Liaisoning with tenants is one of the challenges that the majority of NRI’s struggle to get over. HomeGenie realized that there needs to be a one-stop solution for NRI’s to get over this constant forbearance of things:

  • RWA
  • Maintenance Agency

Our dedicated team would coordinate all the matters related to tenants. In any case, if the tenant is facing any problem within the premises, we will check and resolve it at the earliest. The client would have all the updates about the tenant through mailers or photographs. At times, the RWA of the gated community may have internal issues with the builder and a lot of coordination is required from property owners. At HomeGenie, we ensure that these complexities do not arise and if appears our HomeGenie Team resolves it on your behalf.

HomeGenie premium services also include:

  • Rent Agreements
  • Solving pity issues
  • Streamlining things on your behalf
With 24/7 assistance, HomeGenie ensures that there are no glitches in the process.

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