Parental Services

Make HomeGenie Your Family Extension in India

HomeGenie works on the concerns that are important to you and your family. While you are abroad, most of your parents find it challenging to execute regular activities. We make sure your voice is heard, and necessities are provided to the parents. It is quite possible that they find it challenging to assist tasks like:

  • Scheduling Doctor’s Visits and Recommendation
  • Travel and Vacations
  • Monthly Grocery
  • Monthly Visits by the HomeGenie team
  • Supports Overall House Repairs and Upkeep

HomeGenie team is here to listen and resolve all your worries and offer reassurance. All the basic amenities are taken care of by our Genies sitting back in India. Our team assists NRI’s parents with requisite compassionate services providing peace of mind and comfort.

Our value-added services include:

  • Event Management and Get Together
  • Hotel Stays and Reservations
  • Medical Insurance
  • Negotiate Best Prices on Car Transport
HomeGenie Team is available to Help and Support your Parents!

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