Acai Berry Pure Carrier Oil –

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    Acai Berry Carrier Oil


    About this item

    • Cold Pressed Oil
    • 100% Pure and Natural
    • Has Anti-aging Properties
    • Rejuvenates Skin


    Acai Berry is a 100% pure and natural carrier oil. It is extracted by the steam distillation method and benefits our skin and hair in various ways. Acai Berry oil is a powerful antioxidant and helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The oil is yellowish to green in color and has a mild and fruity scent. Massaging it on the scalp or hair helps promote hair growth, prevents hair loss, and keeps them hydrated. It contains Vitamin E and also has anti-aging properties. Applying Acai Berry Natural Oil on the skin helps tighten it and may prevent wrinkles and fine lines.