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    Home Genie Pack of 4 Cake Side Scraper


    About this item

    • This cake scraper is important for cake decoration.
    • It gives a unique and innovative look to the cake.
    • These cake scrapers are made of high-quality food-safe plastic.


    The pack of four cake side scrapers is made of food-grade plastic; also FDA proved, non-toxic, durable, and easy to use. These scrapers are used to divide or cut the dough; also perfect to scrape excess flour and dough from the work surface. Along with all these plusses, you need not worry about cleaning; you can hang them after washing

    Buy Cake Scraper Online in India

    Looking for a way to easily remove cake from the pan without damaging your cake layers? Look no further than the Home Genie Cake Side Scraper. This handy tool has four sharp blades that easily slice through cake without making any cuts into your layer cake. Simply place the side scraper against the side of the pan and use the handles to pull the cake out quickly and easily.

    Home Genie is the original and best-selling brand of cake side scrapers. We make unique and innovative cake decorating tools that help amateur bakers and pastry chefs alike create perfect cakes every time. Our scrapers are made with high quality silicone, making them durable and easy to clean. Whether you're looking to create a simple layer cake or a show-stopping masterpiece, Home Genie has the tools you need!

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