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    Home Genie tile cleaning brush is a perfect tool for floors, bathrooms, and sink; the scratchy brush cleans the corners very easily. This unique abrasive fibre web is made from non-woven synthetic fibre and evenly spread alox particles, which gives an unproblematic scrubbing of corners, skirting, and grouts effectively. It is ideal for cleaning floor tile, boat decks, utensils, bathroom, sink, etc.

    About This Item

    • Scrubber: An ideal tool for bathrooms and floors. It has Nylon fiber material with a plastic handle and a powerful sponge.
    • The Scrubber makes cleaning difficult corners pretty easy.
    • It cleans better than ordinary scrubs and lasts much longer.
    • It is easy to hold and use and can effectively scrub out tough stains.
    • It is ideal for cleaning Sink, Bathroom, Pool, Floor Tile, Boat Decks, Utensils, etc.

    Multipurpose Use

    The Ruff N Tuff Floor Brush from spot zero can be used to clean various types of surfaces.It can also clean the tiled walls and kitchen slabs.

    Removes Stubborn Stains

    This Brush cleans all stubborn stains on the floor with extreme efficiency.It can clean the dirt from both wet and dry surfaces easily making them shine as if they were new.

    Comfort Grip

    Thus scrubber from Spot zero is accompanied by a convenient grip that lets you have a firm hold over it.This makes the cleaning process easier.


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