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    Copaiba Balsam Oil is an essential oil extracted through the steam distillation method. It is extracted from the resin of the Copaiba Balsam plant. The oil is colorless to brownish-yellow in color and has a honey-like sweet and spicy odor. The oil can be applied to the skin and hair after diluting it with a carrier oil. Copaiba Balsam oil helps reduce blemishes, stretch marks, and scars. The essential oil can be used in aromatherapy. The oil helps reduce hair loss and prevents dandruff and dry scalp. Using Copaiba Oil on hair makes them shiny and soft by locking moisture in it. Do not apply this essential oil topically to the skin or hair without dilution. Home Genie’s Copaiba Balsam Oil is 100% pure and undiluted essential oil and does not have any preservatives or adulterants.