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    Crystal Tortoise with Tray


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    In ancient Indian culture, Tortoise is considered the symbol of stability, longevity, and protection. The Vastu Tortoise or Kurma Yantra is known to bring good fortune, wealth, and success in your life.

    Our Kachua Yantra is made of crystal and comes with a tray. It is believed that putting a Crystal Tortoise in the northeast corner of your house brings good luck. Keeping a Crystal tortoise in your house can bring positive energy and cleanse the aura of the surroundings.

    Home Genie’s Crystal Tortoise comes with a tray. One can fill the water in the tray and then put Vastu Tortoise in it. Tortoise is an element of water and known to bring peace and prosperity. One can also use this Crystal Tortoise for decorating their homes or offices or for gifting.