Hair Straightener Modelling Comb –

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    Home Genie Modelling Comb


    About this item

    • This modelling comb is soft and won’t hurt your damage.
    • This is a portable heating beard straightener that saves you a lot of time.
    • It can be a perfect gift for a dad, husband, son, brother who has a beard.
    • It can quickly handle a messy beard and maintains it for long hours.


    This modelling comb straightener can increase your hair volume; you can use it to straighten curly hair, flatten side hair, and curl the hair too. It maintains hair with great volume all day long. How to volumize top hair 闁 Slowly comb top hair from the front towards the back. For straightening curl hair 闁 slowly comb the entire hair from front to back. To flatten side hair 闁 slowly comb side hair from top to bottom.