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    Home Genie Stainless Steel Coconut Opener Tool with Comfortable Grip


    About this item

    • Stainless-steel coconut opener
    • Easy to use with a comfortable grip
    • Best for daily use
    • Cut the coconuts effortlessly and enjoy fresh coconut water


    Home Genie Coconut Opener is made with stainless steel and easily cuts open the coconut. It is easy to use, and you do not need sharp knives anymore. One can easily drill a hole and enjoy fresh coconut water anytime they want. Anyone can use this without much effort, and it is safe for your hands.

    To use the coconut opener, follow these simple steps -

    • Push the tool into the soft husk of the young coconut.
    • Apply downward pressure and twist the tool to make a hole.
    • The tool will cut open the coconut.
    • Use the steel straw (straight or bent) and enjoy the fresh coconut water.

    Features -

    • Stainless steel with Black Handle
    • Size - 12.5 cm X 9.5 cm (approx)

    The package contains 2 Coconut Opener, 2 Straight Steel Straws, 2 Bent Steel Straws, and 1 Straw Cleaner