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    Home Genie Silicone Spatula Set with Wooden Handle for Cooking

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    Home Genie silicone spatula set made up of food-grade silicone, BPA free makes this suitable for any food. It is great to flip, stir, scrape and fold almost all kinds of food without scratching the coated cookware. It is perfect for mixing, scraping, scooping, cooking spatulas, spoon spatulas, and flexible bowl scraper spatulas, perfect for baking and cooking in the kitchen.

    Home Genie silicone spatula set is heat-resistant up to 480℉. The handle of this spatula is made of natural rubber wood (fast-growing wood).

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    • Cook Safely With Food Grade Silicone? all of our silicone spatulas Set are crafted from FOOD GRADE SILICONE, which could be used for any food, BPA FREE, will not be polluted or eroded, making your cooking always safe and healthy, long service life.
    • Sturdy and Long Handle-Our silicone spatula set with a wooden handle is designed to meet the demanding requirements of chefs and bakers, which is perfect for mixing, scooping, scraping., as flexible bowl scraper spatulas, cooking spatulas, spoon spatulas, perfect size for cooking and baking in the kitchen.
    • These spatulas head are designed with enough flexibility to conform to bowl wall if scraping, Great to flip, stir, scrape and fold the most kinds of food without scratching your coated cookware.
    • The non-scratch silicone heads pair great with your expensive non-stick pans, pots and bakeware, ensuring that the cookware surface is not scratched or dented.


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