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    [short] Home Genie Artificial Flowers Pillar Decoration. It is best for a party, home wedding...
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    [short] A real touch of artificial flower orchid. It is suitable for both – indoor...
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    [short] Home Genie artificial flower Dahlia bunch. Great product to use at home/ banquet/ garden...
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    [short] It has a perfect design for art décor. This artificial flower bunch looks real...
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    [short] Home Genie Artificial flower bunch has an elegant design. It looks real and is...
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    [short] A real touch of artificial flower orchid. It is suitable for both – indoor...
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    [short] A perfect decorative piece for your wall. The decorative Flower mat require minimal maintenance....
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    [short] Artificial Flowers Decoration Mat for Large Pillar Decoration. It is best for a party,...
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    [short] Home Genie artificial flower blossom bunch with vase. It is used to decorate in...
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    [short] Home Genie Artificial Flower Enthorium Bunch with Vase. Usage – for Home, Balcony, Garden...
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    [short] A leaf bunch that gives a natural and reel look. Great product to use...
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    Artificial Flower Decoration for Home

    Why Buy Artificial Flowers?

    Choosing the perfect décor items for your home can be challenging. People add all sorts of baubles and thing-a-magics to their homes to give them a personality. Plants and fresh flower bunches are minimalistic ways of doing so. However, having plants and flowers in your home can be tiring; most plants have watering and sunlight schedules. Plants are extremely fickle to maintain; most people don't have green thumbs and can’t keep even a cactus alive. And who doesn’t like to make things easier for themselves?

    Moreover, faux flowers can be used with natural, low-maintenance, indoor air purifying plants like Jade, Sansevieria, Spider, Syngonium, Money plant, etc. Natural plants take time to grow and get used to new surroundings. Faux flowers are also helpful in seasons when natural plants would not be at their best

    Advantages of having Artificial Flower Decoration for Home

    Artificial plants and artificial flowers are easy solutions for home decoration. Also known as silk flowers, faux flowers, fake flowers, and even plastic flowers, they are available at all prices.

    Home Genie’s Artificial Flowers are:
    • More economical than real flowers
    • Easy to maintain, washable, and look fresh forever.
    • Available for rare and expensive plants
    • Made from durable material that can last a very long time.
    • Look very hyper-realistic and life-like.
    • Fake flowers do not trigger allergies
    • In water scarcity areas, they help save water.
    • They are helpful for those who travel a lot.
    • They are available for all seasons.

    Home Decor uses for Artificial Flowers:

    Home Genie's Artificial Flowers for home decor are endlessly useful because silk flowers are more versatile. Virtually indestructible, these décor items can be placed anywhere to:

    • Spruce up a bookshelf or an empty side table
    • Bring life to empty staircases.
    • Add a pop of color to the dark corners of a room
    • Brighten your hallways
    • Enliven window and door frames
    • Decorate weddings and other parties and can be bought well in advance.

    Home Genie's Artificial Flower catalog includes flowers like marigolds, roses, orchids, dahlia, drysenia, blossoms, and anthurium. The Flowers are available as Garlands, Vertical arrangements, Floral arrangements, Bouquets, Jhumar, and hanging flowers.