Fan Cleaning Brush –

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    Fan Cleaning Brush



    About this item

    • Best for cleaning ceiling fans
    • Made with microfiber
    • Bendable and washable
    • Strong electrostatic absorption

    Home Genie brings an amazing fan cleaning brush to take away your labor of cleaning fans. Our fan cleaning brush comes with a long rod and microfiber head that cleans the surface easily and removes dirt and debris from fans. Dirt and dust accumulate over time on fan blades, leading to decreased airflow. By using our fan duster, one can clean the fan blades effectively.

    Using our fan cleaning brush does not leave any residue on the surface. It is an affordable way to keep your ceiling fans clean. The fan cleaning mop is a handy and efficient tool for home cleaning that cleans all types of fans and can also be used to clean flat surfaces. 

    Our fan cleaning brush is extendable, durable, and has strong electrostatic absorption. The microfiber fan duster has a bendy head that reaches the non-reachable surface of a fan easily. Buy fan duster online and make your cleaning ultra-easy. Home Genie’s Fan Cleaner comes in different colors. So what are you waiting for? Order your fan duster today and see the difference a fan duster can make!