Frangipani Oil Aromatherapy Gift Combo Kit –

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    Frangipani Oil Aromatherapy Gift Combo Kit



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    Introducing Shoprythm's Frangipani Oil with Citronella Candle Gift Combo Kit, a harmonious pairing of relaxation and protection thoughtfully presented in a rustic wooden cart. This extraordinary combo invites you to embark on a sensory journey that soothes the soul and wards off pesky insects.

    Nestled within the artisanal wooden cart, you'll discover two exceptional products. First, the Frangipani Oil, an enchanting elixir known for its tranquilizing and revitalizing properties. Derived from the exotic frangipani flower, this premium oil indulges your senses with its serene aroma while nourishing your skin and spirit. This aromatherapy gift combo includes- 

    • 1 bottle of  Frangipani  Oil - 10 ml
    • 1 pack of Carnation Potpourri
    • 1 Ceramic Diffuser for effortless aroma dispersion
    • 2 Tealight Candles to set the perfect ambiance
    • 1 Organic Soy Wax Candles  (Citronella)
    • 1 Wooden Cart Basket