Horse Shoe Evil Eye –

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    Horse Shoe Evil Eye


    About this item

    • Works as a protective talisman
    • Protects against bad luck
    • Brings good fortune and success
    • May ward off evil spirits

    Horse Shoe evil eye is a powerful object to eliminate bad energy from your house and office. Horseshoe and Evil eye, when combined, become an effective talisman to protect against evil spirits. It is double protection for your home or office against negative energies. Horseshoe decorative with evil eyes is thought to trap and hold good luck within its open end.

    Home Genie Horseshoe Evil Eye Hanging is hung in homes, shops, offices, cars, etc. It can bring calm, peace, prosperity, and positive energy to your surroundings. It is believed that Horseshoe Evil Eye should be hung above your door to protect the home and bring luck. This Vastu object is also known to bring relaxation and deflect evil spirits.