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    Cade essential oil


    About this item

    • Helps treat itching
    • Used in haircare products
    • Can treat skin itching and eczema
    • 100% Pure and Essential Oil


    Cade is a 100% pure and natural essential oil extracted from the wood of the cade tree. The oil is generally light to medium brown in color. It has a deep, woody, and smoky aroma. Thus, it is often used in aromatherapy for relaxation and stress relief. Cade essential oil is considered one of the best oil to resolve hair issues. Massaging this oil on the scalp helps treat dandruff and excessive hair loss and enhances hair growth. One can also use this oil on the skin to relieve eczema, psoriasis, itching, and other skin conditions. Home Genie闁炽儲鐛 Cade oil does not contain any adulterants or artificial fragrances. Do not use this essential oil without diluting it with a carrier or base oil.